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About us

Care-Training.Org.Uk is a training organisation run by Scott Winham, which trains people who work in positions of management and the care enviroment, supporting them in dealing with life skills and development, to support and help the people they work and live with grow in a positive manner which serves them in life.


Our Founder Scott Winham has been delivering Training Courses and Consultancy for about 15 years and have been involved in care for over 30 years now.

He has been a Registered Manger for Residential Children’s Homes and Foster Agencies. He also grew up in a family that fostered and was involved in facilitating, developing and implementing training for teenagers from all walks of life. He now sit on some Foster Panels as an Independent Panel Chair and provide Consultancy and Training for people who work in care from the carers to the managers.

·        He has completed Regulatory Inspections for both Foster Agencies and Residential Children’s Homes

·        In February 1998 he organised a teaching seminar for staff, giving them the tools to enable them to support the children.

·       He also publicised the teen training completed in schools on the subjects of commnication, motivation, self-esteem and Dealing with feelings on national TV through the 'Nick and Ann Show' as he was the instigator and organiser of one the first ever teenager training on these subjects.

·       He organised and assisted 'Pro-Teen' in the development and delivery of seminars for teenagers and adults to raise self-esteem, communication skills and motivation.

·        He taught children emotional management techniques to manage anger & improve confidence

·        He is able to chair and control meetings, agree objectives and monitor their completion

·        He appeared on documentary by BBC television productions looking into life coaching skills for people

·        He runs trainings and seminars in communication, motivation, happiness and confidence


We provide a wide range of open and closed training courses for;

  • Foster Carers Training Courses,
  • Residential Carers Training Courses,
  • Health and Social Carers & Managers Training Courses.


Closed & Tailored Training Courses

We provide a wide range of closed courses tailored to meet the needs of the companies we work with.

Closed & Tailored Training Courses 

Open Training Courses

We provide Open Training Courses in the areas of London, Kent, Essex and Sussex.

Open Training Courses details

Other Services

We provide a range of services to prepare and support companies, managers and carers working in care.

Other Servcices


We provide high level services at excellent rates, for more information use the link below or contact us directly.



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